Drive the legend

Over 60 years of experience in original equipment and more than 50 years of racing history make our products and services unique. For the ultimate BILSTEIN driving experience, we test each product in a road test, Numerous Best Brand Awards and successes speak for themselves.

Experience the street like never before!

Tackle every-day driving situations with ease, cruise in style and fully embrace the moment. Your Blistein Street Performance suspension is perfectly tuned to your needs-giving you and your vehicle the look and street cred in every situation!

Your aspiration. Your street. Your track.

Torn between optimizing performance on the track vs. daily-drive road manors? You don't have to decide. Burn your best time into the asphalt and look forward to a relaxed ride home. Your BILSTEIN Track Performance suspension leaves nothing to be desired-no matter how personal it may be.

You set the pace

The demands placed on our motorsport suspension systems are extremely varied and complex. We have only one goal in mind: We ant to see our drives win - just like you. Our BILSTEIN Race Performance suspension comes directly from our motorsports production facility - handcrafted for you!

Improved comfort and handling compared to factory suspension

Do you want a more satisfying driving experience than your factory suspension can deliver? In our BILSTEIN driving tests, our engineers combine lab simulations with test drives on the racetrack for superior performance and comfort

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